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Hello Sort Of

15 - Aurora

I wanted to drop off a "Hi how's it going" and what better place than here?  I'm John and I was actually an Alteryx ACE for a few years, a few years ago, until other distractions took me away (much to my chagrin) from this wonderful tool. Unfortunately that makes it difficult to still provide anything of use out here - major bummer.


But I just wanted to say - wow! WOW! The community remains the best I've seen, and the knowledge available and freely shared by the current group of ACEs and up-and-coming potential future ACEs is just amazing.  I remember I used to filter the feed on "unanswered posts" and could always find a few good challenges as I stockpiled what I thought was an impressive number of solutions.  But I did that same filter just now and the questions are all really tough nuggets. That speaks to the continually increasing quality and level of difficulty of solutions being provided almost non-stop out here. I'm so impressed.


Thanks to all the admins and some of you with whom I've shared discussions - it has been a real treat to have been a tiny part of a great (and very much ongoing) run for the Community. I hope to keep poking around and hopefully to find myself with Desktop Designer at my side again some day. (I do still fully intend to someday use Alteryx to help crack KRYPTOS!)  Until then, keep it up.  You all rock!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Stop by any time! It was cool seeing you on here again : )

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi John!  Great to hear from you; hope all is well!