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Challenge #96: Who Stole my Latte?

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The solution to last week's challenge can be found HERE!


Just a note:  Santalytics will take over Weekly Challenge the 3 weeks following this challenge. Let me say, it's gonna be exciting (an we secretly have been priming you with some of the more recent challenges)! Stay tuned next week to participate!


This week's challenge is taking advantage of the waning days of November and will bring out one last fall-themed challenge. This particular challenge was conceived, constructed and submitted by the distinguished @NicoleJohnson! Thanks Nicole!



You are promoting a new phone app called PIXL near the T-Mobile campus that tracks the Latitude/Longitude of the photos you take so that you can combine the pictures you've taken with a map of your route. You've given the app to some people in the area so they can test it out, and are tracking various phone data for analysis. Things were going well until about 12:50, when you ordered your favorite drink - a Pumpkin Spice Latte, extra pumpkin, of course - and were just about to sit down at your desk to enjoy your beverage, when you were suddenly pulled away to deal with an emergency logo situation... By the time you made it back 20 minutes later to where you'd left your latte on your desk, your treasured PSL was gone!!! Now you knew people were running all over the area testing out your new app, so you thought perhaps you might be able to use the data you were collecting from the testers to see if anyone in the area had seen your PSL thief...

Using the PIXL Data & image links below, see if you can identify the Pumpkin Spice Latte stealing culprit!!


- Data file is structured with some concatenated information: DateTime (in 24-hour format), Phone Number, Latitude & Longitude where picture was taken, and some other qualifiers & delimiters.

- Data will need to be parsed first to find the relevant fields for analysis.
- Assume that the thief probably couldn't have been farther than .25 miles from the location of the robbery during the time frame in question.
- There will likely be more than one potential thief in the area once you've filtered your results for time & location proximity, so you'll also want to see the images from their PIXL app data in order to narrow down your search!


20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



Is this expected on opening the yxmd?

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Updated @MarqueeCrew. Thanks!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

The thief has been identified!





15 - Aurora

I got a different phone number for some reason but the workflow is correct:


Weekly Challenge 96.png
16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula
I was having the hardest time at first because I could not find a T-Mobile store located in China... until I realized I had taken away the "-" along with the LONG in my formula which completely changed the location. *FacePalm*

Challenge 96 BarnesK.PNG
8 - Asteroid

Fun challenge!


challenge 96 img.png


12 - Quasar

Made it



Challenge 96.jpgIt took a while to work out that the T-Mobile HQ wasnt location wasnt provided and It had to be put in but once I got that it was golden :)

7 - Meteor



Cool challenge!