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Q2 2023 Washington DC Alteryx User Group Meeting

Published on ‎06-15-2023 01:01 PM by | Updated on ‎07-06-2023 06:23 PM



<Hi friends! I think i screwed up the original event post and put it at 3pm EDT instead of 12pm EDT, so everyone is planning on attending later today when I have a conflict. Our presenter has an opening in two weeks on 7/12, so we are moving the meeting to then. Updated event details to follow!>


Our guest this quarter will be Oly Medlicott, Manager, Data and Digital Services at RSM US


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The topic of discussion will be Alteryx Workflow Tips and Tricks for Financial Data.


Oly's overview:

"We will review some tips and build some simple workflows together using Alteryx. We will use Kaggle data with some minor modifications to demonstrate live use cases. Life is always is full of surprises, so let’s have fun to explore my samples and discuss some cases with the audience too."



12:00-12:15: Community Updates & Inspire Recap 

12:15-12:45: Tips and Tricks for Financial Data

12:45-1:00: Q&A, Use Cases, Call for Speakers


Oly's Bio:

Oly Medlicott, Manager, Data and Digital Services at RSM US
Oly has over 25 years of experience in Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence including data engineering, ETL/ELT transformations, data quality, visualization, reporting, data catalogues, AI and ML across various tools, databases and applications. Her additional responsibility included budgeting and financial consolidations and enjoys working with account and financial teams. Oly built and expanded data analytics practices across EMEA, APAC and Americas over wide range of industries, such as telecoms, financial organizations, energy, retail, healthcare and federal. Oly combines technical evangelism and business curiosity to create efficient strategies for the customers to achieve digital and business transformations through insights.
Alteryx Designer, Trifacta and Server Advanced Certified.


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Wed, Jul 12, 2023 09:00 AM PDT
Wed, Jul 12, 2023 10:00 AM PDT
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Look forward to meet everyone and rock with DC on Data Analytics!

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Apologies, friends!


We are having some technical difficulties starting the meeting. We may have to reschedule again. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi everybody! We were able to start the meeting. Join here: https://community-alteryx.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEpdeyvpzgsEt2ys3vLz5Ds9jru_EAyPxNN


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