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2022 Q1 User Group Meeting Recap

10 - Fireball

Hi Alteryx Friends!


I am a little late in posting the recap, but here we go!


Firstly, thanks to everyone for attending the Q1 2022 User Group Meeting!


We kicked off the meeting with a fun Alteryx tool palette trivia hosted by @andrewdatakim. We had a close fight between three users, but eventually, @Dynamomo  took home the crown! She will be getting some sweet Alteryx Swag in the mail soon. @Dynamomo Please keep an eye out for your swag!


Soon after the trivia, we had a great showcase of the Alteryx Intelligent Suite. Andy presented a couple of use cases using several tools from the Computer Vision tool palette. The entire presentation was interactive with a lot of engagement. We also dived into some of the updates of the new features in Designer and Server 2021.4


Here is the recording:



A big thank you to @andrewdatakim for all his great content and information. He is awesome as always! 

Please feel free to share feedback or inputs on what you want to see next for Q2. If you would like to present in the our next user group meeting, please reach out.


We hope to see some new users in Q2!


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you @Amarendra and @pankajk for the meeting! 


@Dynamomo, I just sent you a private message! 😉


@andrewdatakim - when you have a chance, please share your presentation in the comments. 

Thank you all! 

Flávia Brancato