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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hi Everyone!



  Here is something a little fun. Did you know you can use R-Code to create a nice little heart for your special somebody? I have taken a post from R-Bloggers from a couple of years ago and quickly put it into Alteyrx! You can download my workflow from the public Alteryx Gallery.



The code behind the scenes.The code behind the scenes.




Once you know a little bit about the code, you can manipulate it to different colors, sizes, or maybe make some extra shapes! I have put my wife's name (Hi Rebecca!) as a starter, but go on and try it with your own sweetie's name.


Hope everyone has a great week!


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Cool!  I saw this in Tableau...this is a pretty cool viz on Tableau Public showing all the days of a relationship:  6542 days heart


I need to replicate that.

ValDay Heart.png

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This is the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing @ADerbak , I'm going to have to give this a try :D

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@clesiemo that is really cool!
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Several hours later...I've managed to recreate for my wife and I...her bday is tomorrow.


Tableau Public here:  Valentine Heart


Explanation from original author Ken Flerlage here:  Creating a Heart


I realize this is an Alteryx website, and we do a ton of stuff with Alteryx at Spire...I hope I haven't broken the rules too badly...but, this is just too cool not to share.