Leeds, UK

Welcome to the Leeds UK User Group!

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Hello User Group Members!


Welcome to the Alteryx User Group Comminity for Leeds, UK.


I'm very excited to get this new community running and meeting all the passionate Alteryx users in Leeds and the North!


Please take a moment by answering the questions below to introduce yourself;

  1. What is your name and industry you work in?
  2. How do you currently use Alteryx?
  3. What areas would you like to grow in?



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I'm Liam, I'm a recent graduate working as part of a larger Finance team in a small BI role/team. The company itself is in the construction industry.

I've been in the role for roughly a year, using Alteryx for maybe half of that, using it to help me produce Revenue reports within Tableau.


We've recently acquired the Alteryx Scheduler so I'd like to move more towards using this to do daily workflows in forecasting, as well as utilising this within Tableau. On top of this I REALLY need to learn SQL (currently self-teaching) and use that to produce more complex workflows and extract data so much quicker than at the moment.



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Morning All,


I'm Mat,  I work in Logistics.


We've had Alteryx in the business for about 18 months,  but only recently started using it wider than a few individuals within the Business.


For me,  I'm looking to gain additional knowledge and experience,  we now have server and there's loads of benefits can be driven through Alteryx automation.

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Hi I'm Neil,


Work for the same logistics company as Mat in the post above. At the moment we have mostly used Alteryx as an ETL type tool within the team, creating reporting outputs in Power BI and Qlik. More recently we have been looking at some predictive analytics.


Interested in Macro use and developing some self serve reporting for the wider business.

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Hi Paul,


I see you use Tableau in your organisation. You and your colleagues may be interested to know that the Yorkshire Tableau User Group has its first meeting in Leeds on October 16th.


Here is the link to register: Yorkshire Tableau User Group





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Hi all


I am David Woollin, I currently work for ASDA in Leeds, based in the Morley office. 


I have been using Alteryx on and off for around 6 months now but I am currently ramping up my usage. I am wanting to expand my knowledge of everything on the data blending side of Alteryx so that I can quickly throw together relevant reporting.


I am keen to get onto the latest version of Alteryx, as we are currently on 11.7 and need to be on 18.3 after seeing it in action at Inspire. 


I am also keen to get into using Connect and seeing how we can make it work for our business, sharing knowledge, learnings and data.


Thank you for having me

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Hi everyone!


My name's Catherine and I'm a student at the University of Leeds, currently doing a Year in Industry with Sainsbury's.


I use Alteryx a lot in my role in Property, fulfilling ad-hoc data requests, developing apps for other teams in the business and automating processes. Sitting in the same team as the GIS analysts means this often involves using Alteryx's spatial tools/features. In September, I'll be heading back up to Leeds to complete my degree in Geography and will undoubtedly use Alteryx to help me with my coursework and dissertation. 


I'd love to dive deeper into the data investigation and statistical analysis capabilities of Alteryx.

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My name's Richard and I am leading the business analytics and data product solutions for our business ( to deliver measurable step change in revenue, margin and operational efficiency )


Using Alteryx in the team as our core application to generate viz datsets for powerbi , spatial geocoding for territory margin enhancements and predictive analytics for our overhead drivers


Looking at the wider uses of Alteryx for prescriptive outcomes and simulate “on the day business events” to generate business actions on the fly

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Hi everyone,


I'm Ben Millea and I work in the database marketing industry. 


I've only been using Alteryx for about a month or so, so very much just learning the basics still. Last night's user group meeting gave me a great insight into what other companies are doing with it and what the more advanced capabilities of it are.


One area I am interested to learn more about at this stage is fuzzy matching between datasets. I'm also keen to learn more about automating scheduled workflows and being able to output to SharePoint/SFTP/emails etc.


Thanks All



7 - Meteor

Hi everyone,


I'm James Brook and I work in the database marketing industry. 


I've only just started using Alteryx this week so just getting up to speed with the basics. Last night's user group meeting was great and gave me some insight to how it's been used by other companies.


The key area I'm looking to grow in is automated/ scheduled workflows.