Leeds, UK

Q2 2019 Leeds User Group Recap

7 - Meteor

Hi All,

Apologies it's a bit late, here's the recap for our Q2 session.


Big thank you to all the presenters for sharing more excellent stories and examples of how they're using Alteryx!  It was great to see some new group members attending, too, we hope you enjoyed it!


Remo Biagioni - Head of BI TransUnion

Remo (@remo_biagioni) gave a really insightful talk on how TransUnion have implemented Alteryx and the benefits this has delivered to their business through data democratisation (with bonus Braveheart reference!)



Rafal Olbert - Data Scientist, Asda eCommerce team

Raf (@rafalolbert )talked through how Alteryx is used at Asda to gather and analyse feedback from customers with workflow which downloads customer feedback, which then feed into a pre-trained model before analysis. It then automatically assigns ticket with the feedback to the engineers so they are able quickly take actions.  Through automation, this process has moved from running just once each weekday to running hourly, 24-7.



Sam Carey - Senior BI Analyst, Hermes

Sam (@scarey94)showed us some great tips he's picked up and, in particular, finding out that most of the group were equally a keen on aligning their tools nice and neatly was a relief (I thought it might just be me)!

Sam kindly shared the details of his demo in reply to the meeting post here.



Slides from the session are attached to this post.


Next Session

The next session is being planned for September, this time at TransUnion's office in Leeds centre and we're hoping to post the date out shortly.  Details will also be released on the Eventbrite invite nearer the time.


Call For Speakers!

We're calling out for some new speakers to join us for the next session.  You can present a business case, demo a workflow, a tool, some top tips or even discuss a problem with the group.  Let's utilise the collective experience inside the room!  If you would like to present, please get in touch!


Inspire Europe 2019

If you haven't already heard, Inspire Europe will be taking place in London this year, 14th to 17th of October.


See you at the next event!