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Where are YOU traveling from? | Inspire 2019 Ice Breaker

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

As we count down the hours, minutes and seconds until Inspire Europe 2019 is finally here, let's take a moment to share where in the world we'll be traveling from!




When I attend conferences, it brings me so much joy (and relief) to see friendly faces once I arrive. In addition to sharing where you'll be traveling from, share a bit about yourself in your reply so Inspire newbies and veterans alike can easily make connections the moment they step through the hallowed halls of the Tobacco Docks.


We'd like to know:

1. Who you are (name, role, company - anything you'd like to share!)

2. Where you're traveling from (Don't forget to add a picture!)

3. What you're most excited for about Inspire London

4. Fun memory from a previous Inspire (if you've attended before) OR a fun fact about yourself


I'll go first to break the ice!




1. Maddie Johannsen, Alter Everything Podcast Producer, Alteryx

2. I'll be traveling from Irvine, California. Here's a picture of me at the nearby beach, Crystal Cove, just minutes away from Newport and Laguna Beach (queue "California" by Phantom Planet forever stuck in my head)

3. I can't wait to see Michio Kaku's keynote! Highly recommend giving him a follow on Twitter

4. My favorite memories of Inspires past include the wrap party in Anaheim (my first Inspire!) and when @kat took home the gold in the Grand Prix last year. (Don't forget to sign up to compete in this year's Grand Prix - you have until August 30!)


Now it's your turn! Reply to this post to amplify your introduction.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

1. Tuvy Le, ACE Program Specialist aka ACE Wrangler, Parallel Parker Certified Expert

2. Denver, CO--I recently moved here from Los Angeles and am embracing the mountains! Here's a photo of my pup Milo and the Flatirons Vista behind us!

3. Seeing all the ACE + Community Track folks KILL it onstage! 

4. Watching the Grand Prix for the first time in Anaheim, seeing people cheer, go NUTS--and then witnessing @NicoleJohnson win the cup! Unreal experience.

5. I'm tagging 5 friends to see what their answers are! 🙂





Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I can't wait for Inspire Europe! 😄 


  1. Lauren Uyeno, User Groups Team Lead (In particular, I support all User Groups in EMEA! If you have any questions regarding User Groups at Inspire DM me and we can schedule some time to chat)
  2. I will be coming from the Happiest Place On Earth (See pic below)! Anaheim, California, home to Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. As some of you may know...I spend lots of my time there. 🙂
  3. I'm most excited about catching up with Alteryx User Group leaders both old and new. Like I mentioned above, if you have interest in the program, come find me.
  4. Hmmm, my favorite memory of Inspire...probably of how far the conference has come. I joined Alteryx in 2015. In 2016, my team put together what was the beginnings of Alter.Nation. 


Throwing back to Inspire 2016, San Diego: All the User Groups Team had was a couple of chairs, a tv, 2 giant maps, and a dream.Throwing back to Inspire 2016, San Diego: All the User Groups Team had was a couple of chairs, a tv, 2 giant maps, and a dream.



















Tagging some of the wonderful EMEA Alteryx User Group Leaders 😉 @DanHare , @RichBirch , @Twaddington , @paul_houghton , @Ladarthure , @SaintVincent , @RoelEsselink , @Verakso 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



1. Dan Menke, Community Operations Manager, Alteryx

2. I will be coming from Broomfield, Colorado where I spend a lot of time in the mountains.

3. Definitely looking forward to the keynote with Michio Kaku's keynote, but I am most of all excited to hear stories of Alteryx success from the users.

4. My favorite memory from Inspire, was when I got to dress like Darth Vador for the "Great Escape" Community Track Session in Anaheim and freaked            people out!

11 - Bolide

Great idea Maddie, really excited when Nashville only seems like yesterday !


Links Golf for the purist !Links Golf for the purist !


1. Dan Hare, Continuum Founder, Links Golf lover, Jersey Alteryx User Group, 2018 beer carrier for @kat !😃

2. Coming over with the Community from beautiful Jersey, The Alteryx Isle  😃

3. The keynotes and sessions are essential of course, but as always I'm mostly looking forward to meeting new people and hearing all the great ways in which they improve their working lives with Alteryx.  So many inspiring ideas !

4. Numberless Inspire memories including @kat 's Grand Prix win, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Michio Kaku - no pressure, but he has some stellar keynotes to live up to including Malcolm Gladwell and Tim Harford - check their linked podcasts which are my current addictions, along with of course the brilliant Alter.Everything.
Finally, hoping (but not expecting!) that I pass Expert this time !😃

5. Over to you @kat ...




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus


1. Samantha Hughes, Analytical Systems Developer, Sainsbury's - Alteryx ACE ! 






















Me and my smallest, at the park, last week.


2. Travelling from Northampton, UK 


3. I am most excited about experiencing INSPIRE as an ACE for the first time.


4. A great memory is supporting Yalmar in the Grand Prix and being seconds behind the winner, the adrenaline was intense. Awesome moment and great atmosphere! Don't miss the Grand Prix at any INSPIRE.

12 - Quasar

1. Katrin, heading up Solutions Delivery for BI & MI

2. I'll be coming over from beautiful Jersey, or as @DanHare so nicely put it - the Alteryx Isle

3. I'm really excited to watch the Grand Prix for the first time! Also looking forward to seeing everyone from last year again 🙂

4. Best moment last year was of course the Grand Prix - thank you for the mention @DanHare and @MaddieJ 


Jersey 1.jpgJersey 2.jpgJersey 3.jpg

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar



thanks @LaurenU for the tag, I'll take my turn.


1. Arthur Ladwein, I'm a data project manager at the Caisse D'Epargne (French bank)

2. travelling from Lille, north of France (a photo of the view from my office)


3. everything, meeting people, learn new things, discover, being inspired? 🙂

4. The Grand Prix, always so impressing to see! the view from the O2 last year, amazing to see London from this angle!




See you at Inspire!!


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

1. Philip Mannering, Analyst, ClarusONE (Walmart) - Grand Prix Champion 2019

2. I'm a local Londoner - so it will be a short trip on the London Underground for me.

Home for me.Home for me.

3. I'm looking forward to taking the Predictive Mastery Exam... ...just kidding. I'm looking forward to the Grand Prix Happy Hour

4. I have fond memories of presenting an 'Escape Room' session watching people sweat trying to solve our Alteryx challenges with Chris Love dressed as Chewbacca chained to a chair. EDIT: Yes @DanM! Same memory.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

1. Suzanne, Marketing Comms Manager (social media) at Alteryx

2. Orange County! Will be missing hockey for Inspire (that's ok)


3. Grand Prix is the best part! Also, I am REALLY excited about the keynote speaker in London

4. This is me getting ready to live stream our keynote in Nashville on multiple channels  #goodtimes #multitasking