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Local Foodie's Guide to Nashville

7 - Meteor

Hey y'all 🙂


I currently live in Nashville and this will be my 2nd Inspire. I figured since most of y'all will be visiting from elsewhere I would share some of my favorite spots/things to do.


Foodie Food Spots:

The Chef And I - One of my favorite spots here. The food is excellent! It is pricey and it's probably wise to book a reservation.


Nicky's Coal Fired - Good atmosphere, great drinks and pizza. Menu changes periodically.


City House - Similar to the above but I do like their drinks better. Also the pizza w/ egg is pretty legit.


Martin's BBQ - This is one of my favorite BBQ spots (even compared to Memphis/Montgomery, AL BBQ). They offer a lot of different styles of BBQ and each is really good!


Hattie B's Hot Chicken - It's Nashville, so I feel obligated to include this one lol.


Joey's House of Pizza - This would be if you could break free for lunch one of the days or perhaps Friday before leaving. It's definitely an experience and they have excellent pizza. Be prepared to be shouted at if your indecisive lol.


Nectar - This is a place pretty close to Opry with a good atmosphere, outdoor seating, and live music. It's tacos and latin inspired food with local/quality ingredients. I work close-ish to Opry and go here for lunch pretty often.



Monday: Motown Monday y'all.. I may have to make an appearance tonight but I really need to study for the exam Friday lol. Feel free to let me know if a group of y'all are interested in going!


Motown Monday at 5Spot

Motown Monday.PNG



Of course the after hours events at Alteryx are the place to be and popular tourists spots (Broadway) are pretty easy to find. I enjoy 2bits because of the board games/vintage video games and also like the Gulch area downtown and Midtown around Vandy.


I hope y'all enjoy your time here and I look forward to seeing some of you at the conference.


5 - Atom
Thanks for sharing! Im looking forward to Third Man Records, Broadway, and the Johnny Cash museum!
5 - Atom
Thank you! I was wondering about restaurants while in the area.
5 - Atom

Hattie B's last night was delicious, but the line was wrapped around the block.

7 - Meteor
Haha I should have forewarned.. glad you liked it! 🙂
5 - Atom
Warning...Don’t get the Shut the Cluck up spice level at Hattie B’s!
Normal levels are really good though!!
7 - Meteor
Thanks for the share! This is awesome!!
5 - Atom
You're awesome. Thanks!