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Inspire APAC 2019

13 - Pulsar

In a touch of 3 months, Inspire APAC 2019 will be held.  For me it's almost overwhelming that there's going to be an Inspire in my backyard !!!


Who is going to attend ? I'll be there as much as possible :) 

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Thanks for sharing @cmcclellan!  We are very excited for the very first Inspire on Tour, coming to APAC on 20-21 March in Sydney!  For folks who come across this post, you can find more info about the APAC event here:


If you are planning to attend, let @cmcclellan and other attendees know by replying to this thread. We'd love for you to share a little bit about yourself and what you're hoping to get out of the event as well 😁

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Hey @cmcclellan!


@MarqueeCrew will be there!  I'm excited about the opportunity to hang with the likes of you and Fi, not to mention @adrian_loong and @JJP .  





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