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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


As we approach the call for speakers deadline for Inspire Nashville, I thought it would be fun to capture some of the community's ideas for breakout sessions!


To kick things off, here are some topics/themes we've been thinking about...

  • How you’re up skilling yourself into a “citizen data scientist”
  • Predictive models you’ve built in R and are repurposing inside Alteryx
  • Showcase the innovative ways you're using Alteryx in your department (Supply Chain/Operations, Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT, HR)
  • How you’re using the new Python SDK
  • How you've embraced new platform capabilities, like Alteryx Connect or Alteryx Promote
  • Do you use Alteryx for fun? Sharing your clever uses of the platform would make a great session ;-)

Remember, your community of peers is here to support you with whatever you need to take your well deserved place in the spotlight. You might have a general theme in mind, but want some help fleshing out the details prior to submitting, or maybe you'd be more comfortable getting up on stage with a like-minded data enthusiast... Please feel free to use this thread as a sounding board.


Whether you already “submitted your demo tape”, are interested but aren't quite sure what to talk about, or simply want to inspire others with your brilliant ideas — we'd love to hear from you!

5 - Atom

I responded to the call for speakers with my story called "Kick Starting Analytics at the Utilities with Alteryx and Tableau".  I just realized I didn't mention the main draw of the session.  I plan to show how anyone can use the R-tool in Alteryx to generate a multivariate statistic to quantify how rare an observation is. 


For example: revenue missed forecasts this month.  Why?  Well let's look at a simple table populated with fields that impact revenue: customer counts, weather, etc.  Alone we can't quantify or isolate the cause of the revenue deviation but using a simple trick in R/Alteryx and color coding in Tableau we can pin point exactly what causing our revenue variance. 


Very basic statistics and R experience is needed and every industry can implement this strategy.