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ETA for the Agenda Builder App?

12 - Quasar

Do we have any ETA for the Agenda Builder App?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @ivoller !


Great question. Assuming you are referring to the Inspire 2019 Mobile App, I've confirmed with the events team that we're currently targeting availability on app stores for June 3rd. [<-- date updated by Moderator on on 5/30]


I'm excited to start using the app myself... mainly to get the Digitally connected badge 😉



6 - Meteoroid
@LeahK:  My understanding is that this app can be used as a internal agenda planner, resource to find rooms and so on whereas all the break out sessions are First Come First Serve basis? Can you please confirm?


Also, I saw in one of the earlier threads that all the participants would get slide decks of all the break out sessions. Can you please confirm if that's true. This will help me and my team in better planning of the sessions that we would want to attend.
Thank you,

Manoj Kumar


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @manojeaswaran --


Great questions!


The mobile app can indeed be used to plan out your personal schedule of sessions/activities at Inspire -- You can view all available sessions (including time slots and location) and then create a custom agenda that suits your needs.


If you attend a session, you will receive the associated slide deck after the conference via email. As far as timing, the emails usually get distributed within a month after Inspire.


As a side note, I am also encouraging session speakers to share resources post-conference here on the inspire buzz, but it's unlikely we'll get everything from everyone :-)



12 - Quasar

During the speaker training yesterday the presenters said the mobile app will launch on Monday the 3rd.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

You are correct, David!  Thanks for the call-out -- I will update the date communicated in my original reply above to prevent confusion.


Thanks everyone for your patience!

5 - Atom
The app is amazing! Unfortunately, there was an update and now I can't seem to log back in. Is there a password retrieval feature somewhere that I'm missing?


12 - Quasar
You need the email address you used to register plus the confirmation number from the registration email.

On my Android, it wanted to copy the confirmation number as a phone number, so I had to remove the +1 that was pretended to the number.

If you don't have access to the email, go to the Inspire page and log in with email and password you created at registration time.


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5 - Atom
Thanks! That should have been a no- brainers haha!

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