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Introducing The Analytics Talk Podcast!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

TAT_Podcast_Logo.jpgEven though Inspire 2017 is coming to a close, you can continue the conversation with The Analytics Talk Podcast, hosted by Alteryx user Erik Miller!


Three new episodes, recorded live at Inspire will be available the week of June 12th.  


What to expect

  • Women of Analytics, featuring Shanalie Evans (@Shevans) of Knight Transportation
  • Exclusive interview with Alteryx CEO, aka Iron Man, Dean Stocker (@dstoecker)
  • A conversation with Alteryx Chief Customer Officer, Libby Duane (@LDuane)


A note from the creator…

If you are like me, you like to hear new ideas and stories, multiple viewpoints, but you might find yourself limited time-wise to seek out those sources. Blogs are great, but you’re often receiving one idea and, if you want more, you have to hunt them down and hope that similar topics have been discussed elsewhere. I wanted to find an outlet to get those differing ideas in one place that was easily accessible, and not too time consuming, and worked for busy people on the go. So this podcast was born. I liked the idea of creating a panel discussion on various topics in analytics, where differing views could be expressed, and where the panelists may walk away just as enriched as the listeners. I also didn’t want this to be *MY* podcast. I wanted it to be *OUR* podcast – yours, mine, our industry’s. I wanted people from all walks of this analytics life to get engaged, share their stories, and tell the world how awesome they are….because there are far too many great stories that go unnoticed, but should be heard.


Let’s make something to be proud of and share some interesting analytic ideas!


Are you passionate about Analytics? Do you have a story to tell? The Analytics Talk Podcast is actively seeking panel members for upcoming episodes.


Contact Erik to get involved.


Erik Miller (@erik_miller)

Podcast Host & Data Junkie


Have ideas for topics, feel free to reply to this thread.

7 - Meteor

Thanks for the shout out Leah! We're definitely hoping to continue our community outside of Inspire with this podcast. It's so apparent that our community is not only vital to learning new things, but also vibrant and full of amazing people...which is one of the reasons why I love Inspire so much!!!


We're starting the edit process on the three podcasts today, so stay tuned for them this next week! Also, if anyone would like, you can find us on the iTunes Podcast list now!!

7 - Meteor

Hey all - we launched our first podcast from Inspire today - an interview with Chief Customer Officer, Libby Duane!!! Give it a listen by visiting our site or grabbing it from the iTunes Store or Google Play!