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From the Internet of Medical Things to AI: The state of healthcare in 2020

11 - Bolide

With the shift in maturity for analytics, have you thought about what is next for healthcare analytics? This cool article talks about what's next for healthcare in terms of technological advancements in: personalizingNext.jpg healthcare with AI, Data-driven patient care, Cyber security, IoMT (internet of medical things). Dr Ian Roberts, chief technology officer at Healx, said in the article, "Currently we are in the infancy of AI in healthcare, and each company drives forward another piece of the puzzle and once fully integrated the future of medicine will be forever transformed".


You can read the full article here: From the Internet of Medical Things to AI: The state of healthcare in 2020 


Have any of you started using AI in the Healthcare Industry? We would love to know more (especially if Alteryx is being used somewhere in your process)!