ICD Code Mapping for HEDIS

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Team - Has anyone had to or created a mapping in Alteryx  that would take for example a BMI value of 19 & assign an ICD code of Z68.1? The issue is that the mappings are in ranges by tenths.


So Taking a 23.1 & mapping to Z68.23. There is just a long list of codes that are very specific.


Example of Codes :

Code Sets.JPG

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And a massive if then statement  was the other suggestions I was kicking around! I agree this is probably the best solution although tedious to write out!

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The solution works great, Thank you.


Then would I just add the rest of the codes for the ones it doesn't work for in the if statement? It goes from 39 to 40 on BMI but the codes stays sequence.


Code    Definition
Z68.41 [Z68.41] Body mass index (BMI) 40.0-44.9, adult
Z68.42 [Z68.42] Body mass index (BMI) 45.0-49.9, adult
Z68.43 [Z68.43] Body mass index (BMI) 50-59.9 , adult
Z68.44 [Z68.44] Body mass index (BMI) 60.0-69.9, adult
Z68.45 [Z68.45] Body mass index (BMI) 70 or greater, adult


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YES!! Answered my own question. THANK YOU THANK for your help.


Here is the final code to share:

This is for ICD10 DX 

IF [BMI] <= 19 THEN 'Z68.1' 
ELSEIF [BMI] >= 50 && [BMI] <= 50.9 Then 'Z68.41'
ELSEIF [BMI] >= 45 && [BMI] <= 49.9 Then 'Z68.42'
ELSEIF [BMI] >= 50 && [BMI] <= 59.9 Then 'Z68.43'
ELSEIF [BMI] >= 60 && [BMI] <= 69.9 Then 'Z68.44'
ELSEIF [BMI] >= 70 Then 'Z68.45'
ELSE 'Z68.' + Left(ToString([BMI]),2)