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SparkED: FAQ for K-12


What is SparkED for K-12? 

SparkED for K-12 is a program designed to meet the needs of students and educators who find themselves adjusting to new types of learning environments. We are excited to bring our most relevant tools and resources to a younger student audience, so they are able to gain hands-on experience in elementary, middle, and high school.  


This program leverages new and existing multi-media content and SparkED free education licensing to deliver the fundamentals of data analytics, and give students and educators access to everything Alteryx has to offer – including our Learning Paths and access to our free Core Certification exam.  


How will SparkED for K-12 help students succeed? 

This program will give students hands-on experience with Alteryx Designer as well as access to our learning resources. With jobs in data analytics in such high demand, students will be able to gain a core set of skills that can follow them throughout their future academic journey. 


How does licensing work with the SparkED for K-12 program? 

All K-12 students and educators are eligible for a 1-year free Alteryx Designer education license. This license can be renewed each year for education use. 


High School Educators 

All high school educators can register on our site. 


Middle School Educators 

Right now, our website only supports middle school educators in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. You can register on our site. If you are outside one of these countries and would like to participate, please email sparked@alteryx.com. 


Students 16 and Older 

All high school students 16 and over can register on our site. 


Students Under the Age of 16 and Parents 

All students under the age of 16 will need their parents to register on their behalf. All parents will fill out the required information, and receive their student’s license. Parents who would like to register multiple students can do so by emailing sparked@alteryx.com. 


For information about license activation, please visit our License Activation FAQ


Where can I find the SparkED for K-12 course materials? 

All course materials, including a PDF you can print out at home, can be found here 


Who can participate in the SparkED for K-12 program? 

This program is designed to empower all K-12 students and educators to bring Alteryx into their classrooms and individual studies. If you are learning from home, teaching from home, or face-to-face in a classroom, this program is for you! 


Should I share this with my friends, family, and peers? 

Yes! We are excited to extend this program to students across the globe and empower them with the fundamentals of data analytics. If you know students who might be interested, please send them our way:  Alteryx SparkED for K-12 


How do I register for the Alteryx Community? 

Instructions for joining our SparkED community space can be found on Alteryx SparkED for K-12. 

Please NOTE:  If you already have an Alteryx Community account, you need to verify that the name and email address match your previous license information.  If not or if your existing account was created with a professional/work email address, you can update your email address through my.alteryx.com.  Follow the instructions provided in this article.


How long will the SparkED for K-12 program take to complete? 

This program is designed to be a modular experience, with a few up-front lessons that will set the stage for students to begin their journey through our Learning Paths, and ultimately to our Core Certification exam. The scope and sequence of the program can be found at SparkED for K-12 Lessons and Materials


I have a Mac – how would I install the Alteryx Designer software? 

There are two ways to install Alteryx on a Mac: 

  1. Use Boot Camp 
  2. Use a virtual machine (emulates Windows within macOS) like VMWare, VirtualBox (open source), or  Parallels, among others.  

Note that any of the above solutions require a Windows license.  This article covers the pros and cons of the different approaches, as well as detailed installation instructions.  


  Who should I contact for help with the SparkED for K-12 program? 

  • For questions about the program overall, please visit the SparkED Discussion in Community, where you can post inquiries and view responses.  
  • For questions about learning materials, please contact sparked@alteryx.com.   
  • For questions about Alteryx Designer software, please direct them to our Designer Discussions in Community.