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Deploy a Gamification Program to Learn Alteryx at your Organisation

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Hi Folks, 

The team at JLL are delighted to share with you our program that we use internally, to help elevate our people's skills on Alteryx - the Alteryx Adventure.


We have shared all content, including setup, workflows, leaderboards and videos on how-to.  This is available for you to implement free of charge 🙂  

Shout-out to @JonMcMillin for his brilliant work on this program, uplifting from a previous version, and helping people to achieve their ambitions on Alteryx.

You can check out our blog and content here 


All we ask is that you don't SELL this to anyone - it's free, and for our community.


8 - Asteroid

I am running into the same issue.  Could someone please respond to the same schema issue we are having?

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Estoy buscando un recurso de ALTERYX que maneja de manera fluida para un proyecto en Panamá. si vivi en aca en Panamá mucho mejor.


Quedo atento.

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suerte con tu programa :) 

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FYI I have responded to people behind the scenes requesting more info regarding the 'missing spreadsheet' but I haven't heard back.  If anyone else is looking for the spreadsheet, please reach out to me directly: with the details. Thank you   

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Located! Some of you have asked for a missing spreadsheet with JSON values. Thank you to Leigh who reached out to help me identify in our videos the exact issue.  The excel file is located here 

10 - Fireball

Has anyone created something similar with Power BI or another solution? My company doesn't use Tableau and I'm struggling to create this in PowerBI.  

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Sorry, not that I'm aware of :/ 

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@lwolfie - I have called in a favour from the Data School in Australia, and they are seeing if they can help out with a Power BI version.  Stay tuned :)

17 - Castor

Hi @VizChic ! 

A group of Community members built a workflow to read Alteryx profiles and get information such as our User Ranks, our badges, and our certifications here:


It also has a time series element to it to when one gets the badges! Hopefully this can be integrated into your idea as well! :) 


Hope this adds value!



7 - Meteor


Impressive initiative! Sharing knowledge and fostering skill development is commendable. Well done, JLL and @JonMcMillin! 👍👏