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JIRA Connector

8 - Asteroid

Thanks Tom,

Really appreciate you sharing your solution.
This is a really impactful contribution.

You are helping a lot of people with this one.


Thanks again


7 - Meteor

Thanks this is really helpful, I am able to build python code for same

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi All,


I just submitted this connector for a new API and added worklog download function.!app/JIRA-Connector-/5de07bdf826fd30fa06e2f3a


For existing function, I simply modified REST API reference from "/rest/api/latest" to "/rest/api/2"


Thanks, Taylor. And please feel free to improve this macro.

5 - Atom



Thanks for sharing this. Are you able to share this workflow? I'm getting a "The field schema for the output [Output Name] changed between iterations" error and don't understand why.

5 - Atom



Thanks for all the info in setting up the JIRA connector.


When I ran the workflow with the URL and my credentials, I got the following error:


Error: JIRA Connector (1): Tool #227: JIRA API error --> HTTP/1.1 404





Any idea what could be causing it?