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Embedding Workflows & Apps

10 - Fireball

This has come up a couple of times on the Community before and I've seen several client requests lately. I've therefore written a blog and created some templates for embedding workflows and apps in your own website or portal. 


You can find the blog here:


The code snippets can be found on Github here:


I'm planning on adding more in the future and I also like to get some honest feedback. Do you think these templates/snippets are useful for leveraging the power of the Alteryx gallery inside your own portals? 







7 - Meteor

This is super useful, thanks a lot!

5 - Atom

@andre347 Thank you for sharing your experience in Gallery API.


Actually I have similar case. I have a workflow with three questions ( Text Box ). I want the user to enter the values for these three questions in a website in order to output a file .xlsx. So I found your source code for embedding and running Alteryx Analytic Apps. But I need your help if you don't mind in modifying the code to enter the values not the question name.


I'll be grateful if you could advise on this matter.