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Obtaining Data Sets

7 - Meteor



Excited to be part of the Data For Good Challenge through all the rough times. Hope everyone's staying indoors.


My team and I are trying to find data sets to find the 'drought affected areas in Australia'.


Although we find a lot of visual representations (i.e. spatial) in relation to the above, we are unable to find data that we can import into Alteryx.


Any insights would be much appreciated.





8 - Asteroid

This dataset is only a list of local govt areas, so you'd need to merge it with the boundary data for those LGAs, but might be usable?


Also the instructions here suggest that at least some level of data is exportable from here:


"How to download data from the map

There are two types of download:

  • Raw data: Once a dataset has been selected, click the "About this data" button, then scroll down to the Data URL and click on the link. Data download depends entirely on custodians making it available. Should the raw files not be available, users need to contact custodians directly; their details are available under Data Custodian or Service Contact, on the same page.
  • Feature Information: Once a point or a polygon on the map is selected and the Feature Information window is shown, you can download the data in that particular feature info window, by scrolling down and clicking on Download this Table, in CSV or JSON. It will just download the feature info table, not the actual, raw data."


Hope that helps! 

7 - Meteor
Thank you! Definitely helped.