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include a hyperlink or redirect in one app to another app on Alteryx Gallery?

8 - Asteroid

We have two apps that a user will need to run one after another. Because of the known issues with Alteryx server where you cannot download a file between two chained apps, we can't chain the apps together (the second app needs the user to download a file that is produced from the first app, do some stuff with it, then upload it into the second app). 


When you run an app on Desktop, you can use the 'help' link to add a custom URL. But that help link doesn't display in the Gallery. Any links we add as text in the 'show text after run' of course only display as text, not as a hyperlink. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make it easy for a user to move onto app #2 from the end page of app #1, without having to navigate back to the main gallery and find the next app, etc.?