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Unable to schedule from Designer

7 - Meteor

Hi Alteryx Community


I have installed Alteryx Server for a client. The Alteryx Server is on an AWS instance. I connect via a VPN into the clients network. Not sure if any of these conditions may be the cause of the errors. 


I have set up the server to allow scheduling. I can schedule from within the Gallery. I can connect to the controller.


However when I try scheduling from the Designer I receive the errors attached:


FYI, these errors occur even if the workflow is blank.


Please assist. 

Thank you very much.


If the controller is configured as an Alteryx Server, you should upload the workflow and schedule it from the Gallery GUI. That's the intended behavior. You could try to schedule it via designer as you're attempting but you'll want to ensure that your user has the ability to schedule workflows, which would need to be done either way. An admin can do this by logging in to the admin area and then managing the user permissions.