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Unable to Translate Alias/Unable to Schedule

6 - Meteoroid

I've been unable to schedule a work flow because I get the error Unable to Translate Alias -- I also get the error when I load it to my company gallery.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@Eric227 Is this a new error (for example, you used to be able to schedule it with an alias and now you cannot)? What kind of alias is it? When you go to options >> advanced >> Aliases or data connections, it should have a type column that is either User, System or Gallery. I'm curious which one you have selected. What version of Alteryx are you using, and what version is the server?


That being said, I would assume that you have setup an alias on your local machine (user or system), and the server (whether scheduling or loading it to your gallery) does not have the alias setup as well. In order for it to work, a server admin would need to ensure that the server has the alias setup as well. In the meantime, you may be able to use options>>advanced >> workflow dependencies and change your aliases back to include all the DB info (although this obviously isn't a good long term solution).

6 - Meteoroid

When I go to Options >> advanced >> Aliases or Data Connections -- I don't have the option to see Aliases or Data Connections. That said my data connections are all USER and appears to be the root of my issue.

7 - Meteor

You will get this error if your User Alias does not have an equivalent System Alias set up on Alteryx Server. 


There is a setting on the server to allow a user alias to be used rather than the system aliases so maybe check if that is enabled. 

9 - Comet

Ref: "There is a setting on the server to allow a user alias to be used rather than the system aliases so maybe check if that is enabled."


I am encountering the same issue.  Where is this setting located?




7 - Meteor

I have been struggling with this issue as well. The workflow runs fine on my machine but fails on the scheduler. Where is the setting located which needs to be changed?

7 - Meteor

I have gotten the error "Src_TranslateAlias" error twice, and both times it is because the user ODBC connection and the server ODBC connection are not synced. They need to be named the same thing and at the same level.