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No connectivity from Designer to private Gallery


I have an Alteryx Server running for test and PoC.


I can't connect from the Designer on my Notebook to the Gallery (Could not connect to Server. please try again)


If I try this, with the same URL from the Designer installed on the Server itself it works.

Connectivity with the browser is possible from both, the Designer on my notebook and the Designer on the Server.

I use ssl port 443 and a self signed certificate. There is NO Firewall in between.


I follow all the steps like described in


As the browser can connect for me everything should be fine.


Why can't I connect from the Designer to the Gallery ?


Many thanks for your help




Hi @vizda,


The most common reason for this is dropping the s off the https when putting the address into the gallery connector.


If not, then it could be something related to the certificate not allowing external connections maybe?



Alteryx Certified Partner

I am facing the same issue, did you manage to resolve @vizda?


Thanks a lot



Hi Michal


yes It works now for me

1. I made exactly  what's written here:


2.I have imported the self signed certificate (which I created on the Server) also on my Client PC where the Designer is running.


I have checked the error messages in my Chrome Browser there I found an error message whats wrong, and then by google the error message, where an how to install it.


From then it is working


I hope this helps

Steffen from VizDa


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Steffen,


Thanks for the feedback. I am running a Designer on a server, so I have the certificate installed there. Multiple users are connecting remotely to the server so installing the certificate on the local won't help. 


I am able to run the workflows directly from the Gallery but unable to open/edit/save Gallery workflows in Designer. Again, works on http but not on https


Any thoughts?


Thank you