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Join tool doesnt give an output

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Hello community,

I hope you might be able to help me with the following problem. 

I have to inputs - two excel sheets with different styles of dates. Consequently I tried to give them a consistent format- the regular one from Alteryx yyyy-MM-dd ) and typ (V_String). Now i added the Join Tool and what happens is this. do you know how i can manage this problem ? 😄


Thanks for your help !


Are you able to confirm the data from the left and right of the join have the same values in and thus should match?


If you could send a screenshot of each with the fields in question that would be great.

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yes I can confirm that the input is totally the same. 

I mean there is no order why 46 out of 278 entries match and the others dont !? 


maybe you know any trick i can try out ? ;D

thank you 


Hi @die_Corinna


There shouldn't be any tricks, if the information is the same Alteryx will match them together 😉


Are you able to upload the two different inputs and your workflow so I can check the set up?