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Getting "Error finding connection" with (.indbc) file after publish to Server

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Hi All,


WRT this other post, I've decided to go with In-DB connections using (.indbc) connections instead of standard Input and Output nodes (see first image). I'll go ahead and indicate this on that post and close it if I can.


What's happening now is that I'm getting an "Error finding connection" error (see second image below) after publishing this workflow to Server. I don't think it's an issue with the workflow finding the (.indbc) file, but don't understand enough about (.indbc) connections to confirm.


The dynamic replace of the initial DB connection setting is working fine, since the file noted in the error message (DEV_RULES.indbc) is the right one to use. I've also verified that this file is in the correct path on the server, and is the same as in my local environment, with the correct connection info.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.







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Update - I created a very simple workflow (below) whereby the In-DB Connection node just reads from my DB using the configured (.indbc) file.  I published to Server and it worked just fine and output the records I was expecting to a (.xlsx) file, no problem.


So the ONLY difference between this and the workflow in my original post above is that I'm passing the reference to a different (.indbc) file through the Control Parameter and Action nodes when running on Server.  This seems to be what is precipitating the error.


Any ideas?




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Hi @PaulFields2 were you able to resolve this issue? I have been passing the filepath for the .indbc file through macros and it always used to work. More recently it seems to be causing issues when publishing the apps to the Gallery. The same app works just fine in Designer.


Hi @jineshnp31 


Are you packaging the .indbc file with the workflow when uploading to the gallery?


Can you add the .indbc file path in Options --> Advanced options --> Workflow dependencies to see if this helps?


Are you able to run the same app from the server machine designer?



Hope this helps. If it does please like the post.