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Error in Gallery when running 9 stage chained app


Hi there,


Any insights what this error message means? I get this error:  INTERNAL ERROR in XProcessCache::Add: Cache Key too long


alteryx gallery pix.png



This came up when I was running a 9 stage chained Analytical App in the Gallery.

The chain is staged as follows:

A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> G -> H -> I -> J


Error comes up in the last step of the chain (step J)


I have successfully run the chained up with this sequence:

B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> G -> H -> I -> J


Is there a limit on the number of chained apps?


Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



With chained apps, all of your apps before the last app, must run within 30 seconds each. This is mechanism is in place to that if one of your apps get stuck that it doesn't just run and run and run. This may be your issue.




If this indeed happens to be the case, you can increase the timeout value to something slightly higher - 45 or 60s maybe - as described here.


This error came up even after the timeout feature was increased. 


I did find the cause for the issue, thanks to a Senior Customer Support Engineer @Alteryx. 


To quote him:


"There currently is a limit to the number of chained apps you can run in the Gallery. You've found the limit. This is a known issue. I will associate this case with the defect to help prioritize the fix. I don't have a timeline for a fix.

Essentially, the IDs of all of the previous jobs that ran in the chain up to that point are added to the Cache Key and the Cache Key size isn't large enough.

The workaround is to combine steps in the chain where possible."


I will close this case, and mark this as a solution.