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Connecting to Corptax ODBC through Alteryx Server

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Does anyone knows if the Corptax ODBC interface works on Alteryx server ? We know it is working on the desktop designer version but now sure if it will work on the server. Attached is the user guide for Corptax ODBC. However, it does not mentioned is support Alteryx server. Thank you ! 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey Chris,


Since Corptax isn't officially supported by us I can't make any concrete statements on it's functions, but in theory if its working with Designer and your Server is set up correctly, it may work. If you do attempt to see how it functions, I encourage you to report back to the community how it performs - as I believe you may be the first!



Brendan T, Alteryx Support

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Thanks Brendan . We will do a POC on our end and let you know how it goes. Thanks. 

7 - Meteor

Interested if you got this to work.

7 - Meteor

Hi - Were you able to get the Corptax ODBC connection to work on the Alteryx Server? 

5 - Atom

Hi Chriszou, any update on if CorpTax ODBC connector can be used on Alteryx Server/Gallery?

7 - Meteor

Just following up on this post to see if anyone was able to successfully connect Corptax ODBC to Alteryx Server? We haven't had any success with the server connection.