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As a Curator how do I see the Version History for a Workflow that I did not upload?

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Struggling with this one...


As a Curator how do I see the Version History for a Workflow that I did not upload?


Alteryx version is 2022.1


Version History does not appear to be available from the Admin > Workflows page?

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To see the version history the owner of the workflow needs to make that visible to others under the workflow settings in the Gallery.

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@gabrielvilella Thanks for that. I was hoping that this would not be necessary for Curators.


With the move from Studios to Collections is does seem odd that we still have aspects of Workflow lifecycle management that are controlled by the person who uploaded the workflow? This just continues the issues that we have had as an enterprise with managing workflows when we have a continuing rotation of developers assigned to business teams. It's the business teams that "own" and need to manage the workflows not the developers who build and upload them.


At the moment it seems equivalent to getting a SharePoint page built by our SP dev team and then having to have the exact dev available again later if it needs updating :(

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Another way that does not require the owner to do anything is  to use  Alteryx Server's MongoDB. 

You can access it if you have access to the password for the user named, wait for it, user. I use  Studio 3T or the MongoDB Input tool in the Connectors palette.  

A while  back I made some macros that contained  a MongoDB configured for specific collections .  I could pass in a filter and  get just what I wanted from  the backend,  Used them in  a workflow that runs twice a day and lets   people know something failed and here are the error messages.




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Thanks David,


I'm aware of the MongoDB options - I already have some workflows that scrape information into SQL so that we can use our standard reporting tools to monitor the job queue etc. These questions are born from the requirement to build a support / maintenance framework that can be rolled out to our Application Support and Data Governance teams with the minimum of additional code and third party tools. The move to Collections has been a huge improvement in the ability to use Alteryx as an Enterprise tool but is sometimes seems achingly slow in feature migration and significantly missing in some areas.


To be clear it's absolutely fine for the publisher of the workflow to exhibit a large amount of control at publication time. But to me it really needs to be the case that they should be able to relinquish or pass over 100% of those controls so that they can be completely detached from the ongoing support for that workflow.