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Alteryx Server installation on AWS EC2 | Not able to access gallery from local Designer

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Dear Members of the Community,


We are conducting some for POCs on Alteryx server (version 11.8 ) and have installed it on one of our AWS EC2 instance.


Now when we are trying to connect the gallery from a browser/designer on the EC2 instance itself, we are successfully able to do so but are not able to connect to gallery from out local machine designers/web browser. 


Has anyone encountered similar issue before and would be able to provide some much appreciated assistance in this regard? Thanks!


Best Regards,

Anuj Mangal

15 - Aurora

Hi @anuj_mangal,


Just a thought, have you enabled inbound traffic to port 80/443 on your EC2 instance?



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Thanks for your response. 


I have attached a snapshot of the security groups I have configured on my EC2 instance. I believe they incorporate the suggestions in the AWS link you have shared. But still I am not able to connect to the gallery/controller from designer on my local machine.

15 - Aurora

Yep, that all looks good!


Might need some help from the big guns here, @MarqueeCrew @SeanAdams  any thoughts here?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @anuj_mangal,


Your security group looks correct. To clarify, you stood up a Windows 2008 or 2012 AMI and then installed Alteryx Server on it? Please try a few things:

- Can you try disabling Windows firewall for all profiles, public and private, on the Windows Server AMI and test again? If that works, re-enable the firewall and open port 80/443.

- From a browser on your local machine, can you open a browser to the public IP of the Windows Server AMI and view the Alteryx Server "Analytics Gallery" web page?

- Do you have any other AMIs in addition to Alteryx Server? Are you able to ping the IPs of them from your local machine?


I am a Product Manager at Alteryx and own Cloud Strategy so I would love to connect with you later to talk more about your cloud use with Alteryx.


Matt Braun
Product Manager - Enterprise
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Hi @MattB,


Thanks for you response. When I turned the firewall off, I was able connect to gallery through my local system. Post that i tried the second part in point 1 of your solution and was able to access gallery after enabling the firewall. 


Thanks again for your time and effort in resolving this issue. 


Best Regards,

Anuj Mangal

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Hi Matt,


i recently installed Alteryx server 2019.2 on AWS EC2 (t2.xlarge)  The installation was smooth but the gallery URL (http://localhost/gallery/) doesn't work from the instance itself and I see "Loading" image indefinitely without any other error message.

Tried changing the local host to use the hostname, FQDN but no luck.




The only way I can access the gallery URL is by clicking the "Alteryx System Settings" and access the gallery link from there .


However this only works till the time the system settings is open. The moment I close it  and try to access the URL from a new browser the URL again show the "Loading".   What would you suggest might be happening here. Any thoughts


Thanks ahead for the help.