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Save workflow messages/log in database


Hi all,


I want to save the output messages of the workflow, in particular errors and warnings, in a SQL database.

Is it possible to extract the messages and push them to the database? Or at least save them in an Excel file? 


Or is there a different way to create an output log? 


Thanks in advance for your response. 



Are you looking to save logs from workflows run on your local copy of Alteryx Designer, or logs from a workflow on the Alteryx Server/Gallery?

There are a few different ways to approach this, and I don't want to put in any extraneous information that won't be of benefit to you, since this topic can take some work depending on the need.


If you're looking for the ability to easily save an output log post-execution, and don't need to do it in an automated fashion, you can right click any line of the "Results - Messages" tab and choose "Save as".

This will prompt you to save a Text file, which you can name whatever you want.  You could then easily load this text file into a database or store it in a useful location.

If you are looking for a more automated logging process, my initial post still applies.


Hi Claje, 


Thank you for your response.


I am looking to save logs from workflows run on my local copy of Alteryx Designer. 

Also, I am indeed looking for a more automated logging process, since my workflow are scheduled and kicked off using a VB Script. What would be the best way to approach this?


Kind regards


Are you leveraging the Alteryx Scheduler/Command Line execution, or using another method via VBScript?

If you are using the existing Command Line execution you can write the log to a file by simply including a ">File.log" after the workflow name/configuration.
If you're using another method, the best option would probably be the User Settings in your Designer, which would allow you to define a Logging Directory.




The downside to this option is that it will happen for ALL workflows, including ones that you are testing.


Once you have the logs saved, you can easily read them in as part of a process or load them to a database.


The final option if you want to configure this for each workflow (this would still require some more effort to finalize), is to use a Workflow Event after execution to email the log to yourself.  Then you could leverage outlook rules to save this somewhere.  The advantage of this option is that it can be configured per workflow.




Hi Claje,


Thanks again for your response!


I am indeed using another method, so I am now saving the logs in a Logging Directory, and writing these to the database. So this solves my problem!


Kind regards

Can you please share the sample workflow?

Please share the link to your original post. I am not able to get that.