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Remove Workflow Completion Sound


Typing Control + R causes a workflow to run and a chime and popup comes up saying that the workflow has completed.


I want to keep the popup but not the sound.  Is there a way to disable just the sound?





You can; but the change would apply to any other Windows application that calls that sound.


In the lower right corner of your screen, right-click on the speaker icon  --> left click on "playback devices" --> select the "sounds" tab --> under "Program Events:" you should see "Windows" and then "Asterisk" below it.  Select "Asterisk" and you should see a drop down box below that says "Windows Error.wav".  Change that to "(None)" and then click "Apply".

Now, that particular sound isn't available for Alteryx (or any other application) to use.


Thank you!  I'll do that now!

Alteryx Certified Partner

I really wish Alteryx would include an option to just disable the sound. 


Agreed! The fail noise really gets old when you need to leave your volume on for other things such as incoming messages, etc..

Another option is to use the Sound Mixer and mute system sounds but as @Schmid-E pointed out,something heavy-handed like that would mute other important programs as well.


I have submitted a feature request for Designer:


Thanks David, that would be a great feature.


Thank you for this feedback! An option to turn off this sound will be included in the 2019.3 release.