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Python SDK: timeout error: cell execution time out

Alteryx Certified Partner



I try new Python tool. I discover when I  develop flow involve a lot of data. When  I try code via Jupyter  notebook, It work fine. but when I try in these situation I got an timeout error


1. data input with 26 M records

2. Connect data via entire workflows instead develop on jupyter only


I got this error  ERROR | timeout waiting for execute to reply (30s)


however When I do sub sampling data ( around 20 % of data), The workflow work normally


So I have a question is there a way to fix timeout error setting? 


Hi @Krit_Gable,


Thank you for posting!


You are correct: execution timeout per cell is set to 30s by default.


As a workaround, you could use of the methods listed there:


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Sr Customer Support Engineer, Alteryx

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi all, I've put an idea to have the default timeout changed as I really don't like the current workarounds: