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Outputting multiple excel files using different cuts of raw data

7 - Meteor



Im currently getting to grips with Alteryx and have the following problem i am trying to solve so any help would be massively appreciated.


I have a data extract in an excel file that contains a bunch of information e.g. home addresses that you can cut multiple ways e.g. city, country, real estate type etc.


I've used alteryx to successfully cut this excel file into say 10 different files, one for each country using this method: 


What i want to do next is feed each of these 10 different cuts of raw data into another excel file that does a standardised set of calculations on the cuts of the raw data. e.g.


  • Analysis file_Greenland
  • Analysis file_Germany
  • Analysis file_Sweden


The formulas in each analysis file are all the same but the raw data used would be different based on the country it is filtered on, as would the file name. What would be the best way of doing this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

12 - Quasar

Hi @jgagalang1 


Please see the attached zip file. I'm using a Directory Tool to grab a template file, using the Append and Formula tools to create a cmd script, and then the Run Command Tool to copy, rename, and save new versions of this template to the desired output folder.

Once these files are created, I'm using a Join and Formula Tool to update and create a PATH field that is used to split out my Raw Data into the different files.



Folder Setup:



Starter File:



Output Folder - Post Running Workflow:



If this solves your issue please mark the answer as correct, if not let me know!




7 - Meteor

Phil, beautiful solution - super intuitive and easy to follow! Thanks so much for the help!