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Output to different sheets

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to output the results from a WF to different sheets within the same excel sheet. 
I'm getting a strange error and I couldn't find any solution to this in the community.

Error: QA LITE Write Calc Report (224): Tool #1: TableBase::DOMFinished: Column number mismatch

Tool 1 is a Render inside the last (Brown) Macro so I don't understand why is the column number relevant.


Could you please try to guide me trough a possible solution?

Thanks !

Alteryx Certified Partner

This may not solve your exact problem, but here's how I render multiple sheets in the same Excel workbook. It is not necessary that the sheets have the same columns/structure. 


1. Union your records so that you have a sheet name field and a single layout per unique sheet name. If you want multiple tables on the same sheet, that will require Layout tool up stream.











2. Use a Layout tool to Group By the sheet name field and add section breaks with the section name set to your sheet name field.XLSXRender-Step2.png






















3. In the Render tool, set the separator to "Insert Section Breaks Between Records". Don't forget that the paper size, orientation, and margins affect your Excel cell formatting.










4. Enjoy your rendered file with multiple sheets with sheet name control.