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Newlines in Reporting Table

9 - Comet

I have an application where I am trying to display some open-response text from users that includes special characters like newlines and bullet points.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Table tool under Reporting plays nice with newlines.  As shown below, I mocked up a simple workflow where I am putting in a:


  • Field without line breaks
  • Line breaks using char(10)
  • Line breaks using a carriage return within the string

These newlines are properly picked up in the browses...



...but the output render does not recognize any of these line breaks and displays everything on a single line:


Is this a shortcoming of the Table tool or is there a setting that I am missing?



9 - Comet

Hi Angela,


Thanks for sharing, but that isn't quite what I'm looking to get at.  That particular link is about parsing newlines out of a data stream, whereas I am trying to present data with newlines to a user using the reporting tools.  Let me know if I am missing something in that link, but I believe it is two different issues.




7 - Meteor

Just wanted to jump in as I was having exactly the same issue as the original poster as I'm also trying to present data with newlines in it. I ended up using the Text to Columns tool using \n as a delimiter and had it split into rows. I did some additional formatting and it gave me what I needed. It works for my specific situation but I can see how it may not work for others.


There was another thread that had a different suggestion but this didn't work for me, see below.

5 - Atom

bccpwc, Any chance you have a sample of how you did this?  Not sure if this solves for my issue, but I am just trying anything at this point.  Hopefully they adjust the table tool to incorporate line brakes in cells soon.  Would be a big help.

7 - Meteor

, see picture attached as to how I was able to accomplish this...


Line Break in Table.png

8 - Asteroid

Very late to the party, but as one of my analysts also had this issue so wanted to expand on the advice others have given. More as well to help others that might be reading this looking for a solution.


If after completing the formula to change the table structure; Replace([Table],"&lt;br /&gt;","<br />"), you need to re-render the table, say to fit in another layout tool.


You can do this by placing a report text tool after the formula and selecting the Expert Mode. Then select the field in the 'Available Fields' and presto. Table rendered back to its glory with line breaks included. I have done this with full formatting in the table; Font, Background Colour etc. So should have too many issues, famous last words....


hope this helps