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Is there any way to create constants that persist in your environment across workflows?

Alteryx Certified Partner

As per the title, I'd like to create constants that stay with me as I create new workflows rather than creating a user constant across multiple workflows.




I can't find a way to change the default New Workflow template.  I'm not even sure if it exists, as such. 


One way to go about this is to create a new workflow with only the constants that you want and save this as a workflow called Default Constants.yxmd.  Make the file read-only so you don't accidentally overwrite it.  Then start each new workflow by launching this one, instead of clicking the New Workflow button.  


Not an ideal solution, but maybe the Alteryx boffins will step up and tell us where the default New Workflow template is stored.



Alteryx Certified Partner

What would be really great is if you could add Engine Constants by dropping an xml file or similar somewhere in the bin.


That's where I hunted for the default template. But, to no avail.  Hopefully, someone will chime in with a more elegant solution than mine.  If not, this sounds like a candidate for the Ideas section