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How to connect to WEB SERVICE

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello guys... I will share with you how to connect at a WebService.


This is only a example, you will has other problems not resolve here, but is this a way to help you a get data in webservice when you dont have idea how to connect in webservice.


First you will need a addres (URL) like this http://domain//Administracaoweb/wsDocumentos.asmx and you will put in a TEXT INPUT.





After this you will need to config the DOWNLOAD TOOL like demonstrated bellow.


Step 1:




Step 2:



Step 3:



Step 4:

In option "Use Following for Query String/Body" we have this:




Remember: you will need to change the text "YOURDOMAIN" and "XXX" to your information


I hope i´ve helped.


Carlos Teixeira


tried it, but it isnt working to me, i got this error Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Saihaz123, can you share your WORKFLOW here? Maybe i can help you if i see your work.



Please see attached, but i didnt put login credentials.

Alteryx Certified Partner



I change your adress in SOAP ACTION to:


and change your Query Body


Can you try this with your login and pass?




@carlosteixeira2005 still not working...

Alteryx Certified Partner

@saihaz123 can you share with me login and pass and other information at my personal email


Alteryx Certified Partner

@saihaz123 try this now... with your credentials...




Hi Carlos,

it didnt work, however i added the Host in the header and it is ok now.

Thanks a lot! I got the idea from your previous module.