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Google Analytics Tool Download

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I came across the Alteryx documentation regarding the Google Analytics tool and went to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery to download the tool. I wasn't able to locate it via search. I found a link to the tool download, but came across a message saying I don't have access to this workflow.



I am signed into Alteryx and used this link!app/Google-Analytics/5898afe9effc2a0bb0a11644


Where can I get access to this tool? I looked at other threads regarding issues downloading this tool but nothing was mentioned about not finding it in the gallery.


Appreciate any help or suggestions.

Alteryx Partner

What version do you have? You should already have it in your Connectors tool pallette

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I'm currently on version 2019.2. When I go to connectors, this is what I have:



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Thank you, Junya! The download links worked! Greatly appreciate your help!

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Hi @JunyaK,


do you also have an version for 2020.1? I get the same error on the webpage.