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Download Multiple Files via FTP




I followed the directions from this link and am able to successfully download a single zip file or any other single file for that matter.  Below is an example of the path I am using that I have feeding into the Download tool.  As you can see in my example, the "Filename1.pdf" is the named file to download.  Can I replace this specific filename (filename1.pdf) in both paths below with a wildcard to indicate that I want to pull all files located in this folder...and not just one?  Thank you.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @djodts 


You can do this with a formula tool before the download tool, in there you can dynamically build all of the download and save paths and then pump those into the download tool.


Thanks, but I guess my problem is that the quantity and names of the files change, so if there are 400 or 500, I would want to grab all.  Trying to avoid listing the actual names.  Is this not possible?