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Write Output to Multiple SQL Tables

8 - Asteroid

I know that I can use the Output tool to write out to one excel document, with multiple sheets. I am wondering if i can also write out to multiple SQL tables with one output tool, or would I need to filter to multiple output tools?


Thanks in advance

12 - Quasar

If you only wanted a single output tool (ex. for ease of updating server name etc.) then put it inside a batch macro and use a control parameter to change the tables in the output for your SQL write to the database.

8 - Asteroid

Thank you Jason. I will give that a try. 

5 - Atom

I know this thread is old but any chance we can get an example of this, or a more detailed explanation?

5 - Atom

Just wondering if anyone has a solution for this.  Am able to connect to the tables dynamically using macros, but the challenge I have is loading the input stream in to the connected table. 

18 - Pollux

Hi - are you going from canvas to DB (ie datastream in?). You can use a batch macro with an action tool set to update the table name in the datastream in (set to create new table - or overwrite/drop as you'd prefer). The action tool will update this element when run in a batch macro.


If you need additional help - perhaps you can post some of your workflow in a separate thread?