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Using AMP Engine

5 - Atom

Could anyone please share a success story and a recommendation of how to successfully move to using AMP engine? Did you have to redesign all the old workflows? Could you please also share lessons learned?

12 - Quasar

Broadly speaking, most workflows will not have to be redesigned.


The only places where you will need to focus is where the order of your records matters.


Because AMP breaks processing into chunks, records will come out of certain tools in a different order than they entered.


So if you are calculating a running total, or performing a multi-row operation then it's always a best practice to perform a sort before that operation. However, this would have been best practice before AMP launched anyway.


The biggest change you'll notice is with the behavior of joins, as before the records were outputted sorted alphabetically based on your join keys. This is no longer true with AMP due the chunk processing of records.


Otherwise you should be generally good to go, and in most cases will notice a significant uptick in performance.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello All,


To help users with moving their existing workflows to AMP, Alteryx created Engines Parity Utility. This will allow you to compare your workflows in bulk and provide insights on the run with both engines. Please refer to the link below. 

Unleash AMP Prowess with Engines Parity Utility - Alteryx Community