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Unable to pivot data and rename the header

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Hi Alterxy Gurus

This is the first time I am posting a question here so apology in advance if I am making any mistake and missed any community rules


Requirement :

I am having two Data set which I am using to get the desired header

First Dataset - Actual Data

Second Dataset- Mapping Table



Alteryx Mapping.png


My first Dataset is having incorrect Hierarchy heading which I need to modify based on my mapping Table but I couldnt able to get the expected output. Can someone please help me with your expertise.

Attaching the sample data for your reference.


Note : (Office Environment )I am using the Alteryx 2018.3

           (Personal PC)I am using the Alteryx 2019.3


FYI.. I was able to get my desired output but the workflow is not effective as per my understanding. In my real time scenario, I have roughly around 70 columns  and data-set has 40 million rows of data which is taking quite a long time to execute the workflow.


Alteryx Workflow.PNG




Thanks in Advance,






This is how I would approach it. I have


  • Used another input which I use as a template defining the desired order of columns
  • Changed the Lookup table slightly so I can get both ID and Description into the same column

Workflow attached. Please let me know if anything's unclear.




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This is really a Clever way to solve this issue .Thanks for sharing your approach.

Will mark you answer correct as soon as I test with my original data


Really loved the below workflow which you used ...Never thought about this and I realized now this approach will solve my other problems as well



I am looking for some more approach ..not only from the point of solving but also wanted to learn new approach techniques


Note : Just FYI..Template is not required actually because you already achieved the output when you transposed it .Select tool will do the rest of the magic


Thanks again.


Happy to help!


The reason I use the template is that the Cross Tab tool will always sort the columns alphabetically and replace all punctuation and spaces with "_". Hence the template to bring the columns to the correct order and Dynamic rename to replace the underscores.

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I am.curious to know why didn't you end up with select tool which can do
both the work - dynamic renaming and Sorting ? #Justathought

Select requires you to change the column names manually while dynamic rename allows you to define a rule and apply it across all columns just like in this case - remove "_" from all column headers and replace them with a space.

The same goes for order. I'd need to define this manually in the select tool. Appending the data to a "template" using the Union tool will do the job for me automatically.