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ToString - adding percent sign to number

7 - Meteor

I have a column of percentages that I would like to format as a percentage (ex: 75.3545%) rather than .753545


Currently, I have a formula tool inserted and am using 




I am getting an error message saying "Parse Error at char(0): Formula: tried to apply numeric operator to string value".


Currently, the column is being stored as "string" however I have also tried double, fixed decimal, int64, and v_string.


Is this the correct formula, and what type should the data be stored as? Does this hold true for converting data into dollars ($)?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

That looks right. Just make sure [number] is a Float, Double or Fixed Decimal. And I think 0.4 should be 0.0001.


If you still continue to have issues, please share a sample of the data, and some helpful folk will share a workflow back with you.



7 - Meteor

Thanks Philip! This worked to format both the percentage and dollar columns, however, the percent sign isn't showing up in the output, whereas the dollar sign is. This is the formula I'm using. The data is being stored as a fixed decimal of 100.4



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Number data types won't have any string characters. If you want a $ or % sign in your field then it has to be a string type.


You probably want to save as a new field (so you can save as string). The formula should be something like,

ToString( Round( [SFI Take Rate] * 100), 0.0001 ) + '%'


If your field should be numerical (so you can carry out numerical calculations on it) then you'll have to forgo the '%' or '$' sign. Alteryx won't show these for numeric fields.

5 - Atom

There are typos in the formula. Closing parenthesis after " * 100) " has to be removed. Another closing parenthesis has to be added after " 0.0001)". The below worked for me.

ToString(Round([SFI Take Rate]*100, 0.0001)) +'%'