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Text Tool or Excel Input not outputting.

8 - Asteroid

I've been running for quite some time.
I needed to make an adjustment to it, where I added a Text Input tool and a Join.


The text input tool would not output anything.  In fact, the Select Tool next in line only showed *Unknown.

I changed it to an Excel file, with the same results.

However, if I copy the input tool with the select and put it in a new workflow, it runs as it should.


It's one column with 13 rows.


***Updated with images***


Input Tool.pngText Tool.pngI have a workflow

6 - Meteoroid


6 - Meteoroid

Now having this problem but never had it before!? Just upgraded to Ver 2024.1.1.17 and same issue.
Tried copying all controls to new work flows EXCEPT the new input tool and no joy - once any new Input is added then that tool does not work but others still do.
That new tool returns data when refreshed into preview. Copying that tool to a new flow by itself works fine there :( :(

6 - Meteoroid

Alteryx Block Until Done Bug.pngI believe I have narrowed it down to the BLOCK UNTIL DONE Tool... 

If I temporarily remove that tool or disable the container its inside of then the other Input Data tool produces records as expected!!??
(and that Input Data currently does not even join to the flow - though it is intended to be used for filtering data at some point)

Image attached, showing a segment of the workflow with the Block Until Done tool and second Input Data in same screen just for convenience of viewing