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Publish to Tableau Tool - Saved Connections

9 - Comet

I have a Publish to Tableau Tool that works and publishes to the "default" Tableau sever site with no issue. This tool has been copied and pasted a 1,000 times and used in different workflows.


If I add a new Publish to Tableau Tool, fill in the required credentials (username, password, url) it fails every time with 401, 403, and sometime 500 error code.


In the new tool there is also dropdown called "saved connections". that shows no saved connections in the dropdown list.


Here is the need & ask:


I want to be able to connect to our Sandbox site. All of the credentials between the default & sandbox sites are the same except for the site id.


Where is the credentials file saved for the default site?

Would it be possible to copy the credential file that works and add in the site id and save it as a new saved connection?

I can see the xml from the tool that works... where is that coming from/saved?


Any help would be appreciated,




14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

@stapuff have you checked out the documentation on Tableau's API error messages?

It sounds more like your credentials don't have the right permissions to publish on the  sandbox.

Can you confirm all of the permissions are the same as what you have in the default site?

9 - Comet

@patrick_mcauliffe I appreciate you responding.

After 5 hours, youtube searches, and a lot of trial and error I figured it out about 1am last night.


I believe this may have been a SSO issue.


Here is what I had to do:


In the Publish to Tableau Tool

The User must case match exact to the user in Tableau.

Make sure the url is a exact match starting with the https://...... so https://tableaudomainurl all lowercase.

No trailing "/"

No /#/site/

Must start with the protocol  https://

The Site field has to match case exactly. If it is Sandbox then it must be Sandbox. If it is sandbox then it must be sandbox.  


I then had to go into the Tableau server and create a fake user with admin right.

Went in as myself (with Admin rights) and created a password for the fake user by selecting the user and under settings creating the password for the user I created.  


Some addition learned knowledge to pass on:


Always start with a new blank workflow. No other tools. Don't add any until you get the connection to work.

Add the Publish to Tableau tool

Set your credentials then alias them (example "sandbox" no quotes) in the add connections... save them. If successful great... you are good to go.

If not... delete the connection from the Save Connection field (do this first) then delete the workflow tab. This was important because it seem to maintain the error codes from the previous failed attempt.   


Add a new sheet, add the tool and try it again.


I hope this helps someone... some day.





19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Hi @stapuff 

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