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ParseError Running on Server

7 - Meteor

Hi - 


I am receiving the following error for an Analytic App that I am running on Server.  The workflow works when I run in Designer.


  • ParseError: Expected whitespace at line 1 and column 472 while processing "WizardValues"


I am looking for a place to start to determine how I find what is at Line 1 and Column 472.


  1. I have researched in other community discussions and have tried converting all relative paths to absolute;
  2. I have looked at the XML, but do not know if I am looking at the entire workflow or if I need to look at the XML for each tool.
  3. I have not found anything on the forum about "expected whitespace" or WizardValues.

Any thoughts on how to debug or where to look for the specific error?


I appreciate the help.  Thank you - Randy

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Wizard values are the interface tools that a user will interact with on the Gallery (ie. Text Input, Drop Down, etc).

If I'm reading this right, it's saying that one of them had no information or had whitespace entered.

I'd start by looking at the values being input.

If those all contain information and look fine, then look at the actions the input is used in.  Are any of them using a formula on the input?

7 - Meteor

Thanks Patrick for your help.


After trying multiple things, I was able to identify that I inadvertently renamed one of the Interface Tools to a name that included quotes.  When I took the quotes out of the tool name and republished, the workflow ran successfully.