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Interactive Output of Field Summary tool not working

6 - Meteoroid

Hello. I tried to testing out the Field Summary tool of a dataset. However, the interactive output does not appear to be working. Wondering if there is a solution to this. All my settings are in default.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

There is a known bug with the interactive outputs of some tools in the latest release. Our product and development teams are working on this, but in the meantime, you can install a previous version of Designer by going to


Hi @yijie969696 - There is a workaround and you can get the I-report running.


1. Open the tool macro.


2. Press Ctr+S to identify its location folder on your disc.


3. Find this folder using Windows Explorer and change the property of the folder from Read Only to Read/Write.

4. Find the Report Text tool in the macro and uncheck Validate PCXML box as shown below:


5. Save the macro

6. Change the property of the folder back from Read/Write to Read Only




5 - Atom

Thank you!! This worked! Do you know if there is a similar work around for the Field Summary tool? I tried to follow your instructions for it as well, but I'm not sure about step 4. The workflow is more complicated, and I don't want to mess anything up. 

Thanks again!

8 - Asteroid

Hello @echuong1 do you have any idea when the feature will work again? I have the latest version of Alteryx installed, and I recently started to learn about Predictive Analytics (after passing the Core Exam), and ran into this error regarding the interactive output of the Field Summary tool not working.

Will a fix be rolled out with the next version of Alteryx Designer, or could there be minor bugfixes in the near future? I don't really want to re-install an older version of Alteryx: aside from the time factor I also appreciate the improvements of the most recent version. 

Will appreciate any commenting on this issue; does anybody know a quick workaround regarding the tools' functionality? 

thank you !

7 - Meteor

There was an Alteryx update on 09/01/20. If you download the new update, it has fixed the Interactive issues. 

7 - Meteor

I'm using the Help > Check for Updates and it says I have the most up-to-date version, but I also have issues with the interactive report of the Field Summary tool. My version is 2020.2.3.27789.