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Combining Various output to one single excel Workbook

7 - Meteor

Hi There,


I am working on a workflow that has around 9 different output from various input data. I would like to combine all my 9 output info to one single excel work book with 9 different tabs.


Can someone help me with this?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

The easiest thing to do is to add an output data tool to the stream you want as the first tab and configure it as shown here. Then copy the tool and paste it to every one of your other 8 outputs and connect the data stream to it. For every one you have to change the sheet name. which is the bit highlighted in blue below. Also make sure you change the Output option the Overwrite sheet.


There is a chance that you'll get some errors if one or more output data tool tries to write to the file at the same time. In that case you have to use block until done tools to sequence them




10 - Fireball



You can create a single output excel file and write to different tabs e.g. sheet1, sheet2,etc.


Please do not forget to use the Block until done tool for all outputs after the first tab( e.g. sheet1) . This way you can avoid getting error from Alteryx saying" The excel file is currently being used by another process..." 


Hope you get your solution soon. 

11 - Bolide

@RAJAYKUMAR001, consider using the Reporting tools to create your tables (which can include custom formatting) and use the Layout tool, configured to "vertical with section breaks", to create one Excel output file with 9 tabs using the Render tool. 


Here's a video showing how to use the Layout to arrange these reporting snippets:



7 - Meteor

The video is super helpful! Finalized realized that the join tool is added after the table tool. Thanks a lot!

6 - Meteoroid

This is not working . I have 8 outputs to be merged into single excel file and its throwing errors even after using " Block untill Done" tool.