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Changing "Start Data Import on Line" on several Import Data tools at once

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I have 40 input files in 40 Input data tools in the workflow. 

For each Input data tool I want to change Start Data Import on Line value from 1 to 6 at once.


I tried to select several Input Data tools and changed value from 1 to 6 but it didn't work. So is there a way for a change multiple Input Data tools at once?


Thank you. 




Hi @slobodan ,

you can edit your workflow in a notepad, and look for this tag:  <ImportLine>5</ImportLine>

and modify with a Find and Replace with the desired value.

(Backup your workflow prior to do this modification to test it).




(If this post helps, then please consider it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly).

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The rows you want to ignore has unuse data or completely empty?

If they completely empty, you can filter null end take field name from first row to header by Dynamic rename tool

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Thanks @WilliamR!! For some reason the "start data import on line" feature rarely works but I followed your instructions and it worked like a champ!  Thank you! Almost a year later and still adding value 🙂

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Hi William, can you explain how do are you even able to see the back end coding?

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A workflow will be a yxmd file. you can open that in Notepad (or Notepad++ as in Williams screenshot).


The other method is in the GUI, by enabling XML in User Settings > Advanced (tab). Then there will be an XML icon next to the tool configuration in which you can access the XML for that tool and edit if need be.


I warn that you need to be careful when editing the XML!!! Like a lot of back-door operations in Alteryx, they are available, but not supported. If you affect the XML structure, the whole workflow will error out and possibly crash the software.